The ISQ Group will open a delegation in Kazakhstan as part of its internationalisation process. According to the President of ISQ: "Kazakhstan is a modern and sophisticated country that has shown a very interesting economic strength. There are several investment projects taking place in the country and for which we can be partners in our areas of competence." ISQ Cria nova empresa no CazaquistaoKazakhstan has one of the strongest economies in Central Asia. Supported by increased oil production and prices, the economy grew for several years at an average of 8% per year. The country was the first former Soviet republic to pay all its debt to the International Monetary Fund, seven years ahead of schedule. Kazakhstan's other major exports include wheat, textiles and livestock. Kazakhstan achieved its goal of being one of the 50 most competitive countries in 2013 and has maintained a competitive position in the World Economic Forum's Competitiveness Report. Kazakhstan has an abundant supply of mineral resources and affordable fossil fuel reserves. The development of oil, natural gas and mineral extraction, such as potassium, has attracted most of the more than $40 billion of foreign investment made in Kazakhstan in recent years. According to Pedro Matias "there are several investments to be developed in Kazakhstan in areas such as Infrastructure, Pipelines, Oil&Gas, Refineries, Energy Networks, Renewable Energy, Mining, Process Industries, etc., and ISQ can put its skills at the service of these industries." We recall that Kazakhstan organized the last major International Exhibition at EXPO ASTANA 2017, which showed the most modern technologies and innovations. The theme of the exhibition was the energy of the future and it was a modern and sophisticated country that introduced itself to the World. ISQ is already a global company that already operates in more than 20 geographies and for large multinationals, "we have 1400 employees, 800 in Portugal and 600 spread all over the world. What we do in Portugal and in the world and what is recognized as excellence can also do in Kazakhstan and even in the Eurasia region", adds Pedro Matias. Kazakhstan even has an Aerospace Port the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This was the world's first and largest rocket launch base. It has been in operation since the 1950s, initially being a long-range missile launch base, however with the flourishing of the Cold War, it has become a technological base run by the Interests of the Soviet Union for the conquest of space. It was from the Baikonur Cosmodrome that several important and historical space missions were launched, such as the first artificial satellite, the Sputnik 1, and Yuri Gagarin's orbital flight, as well as the Soyuz missions. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, located in Kazakhstan, continued to be used by Russia on a "loan". ISQ has also been working hard in the aerospace market as it has teams on the permanent basis at the European Space Agency's Aerospace Port in French Guiana.


ISQ is a private, independent entity that delivers value through integrated and innovative engineering, inspection, testing, testing and training services solutions.

Present in 14 countries and with 7 offices in Portugal, ISQ supports its customers in reducing risk, improving operational performance and increasing competitiveness. multidisciplinary teams that help clients to align their business objectives with applicable regulations and standards and in meeting their goals in the areas of quality, safety, asset management and environmental and social responsibility.

Industry, Technology and Innovation are the premises that guide the work developed by ISQ, which already has more than 500 international Innovation projects and more than 17,000 professional training courses.

ISQ supports industry development and innovation on a global scale, with service solutions for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure and Agribusiness sectors.


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