In the scope of Training & Human Capital Consulting services, ISQ has been developing, for 40 years, several training and training projects in different parts of the Globe. Today, the approach is more holistic; is an approach to skills acquisition and performance improvement in companies and organizations. That is why ISQ ACADEMY is born. With ISQ Academy we aim to create a home, an Academy, where employees, their managers and top managers review themselves in changing their business models, digital transformation and improving performance in which skills and people play a critical role in success! In recent years ISQ has developed solid skills and major reference projects in the area of human capital consulting, allowing to create integrated solutions for performance improvement that may or may not pass through training. These solutions range from the recruitment phase, to career development, talent management, development of learning environments, in the most diverse areas of human and worker development (soft skills, sales, management, security, IT). In the specific area of Training, the internationalization of ISQ already reaches several regions of the world with the particularity of adhering to sectors that do not exist in Portugal. This is the case of nuclear energy and the aerospace sector. In all cases, the rule is to always work with quality and rigor, in ecosystem and co-creation, whenever necessary. In Europe, in countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Cyprus and Greece, we conduct courses aimed at qualified management and other operational staff, especially in the areas of Social Responsibility, Quality, Environment and Safety Systems Management, ISO certifications and training of trainers. In Africa, especially Algeria, Angola and Mozambique, we have conducted technical training for heads and staff of industrial companies and government, operating in various sectors, including oil & gas, energy, cement companies, construction or ports. academy Some training projects: 2018 – Training Management Project for the International Fusion for Energy F4E Program, based in Barcelona, which has more than 6,000 employees and consultants specialized in the areas of nuclear energy and who are working in several European and Asian countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.). These employees need initial, advanced qualification and expertise in the most diverse areas, which go through project management, inspection, welding techniques, nuclear fusion, security, IoT, data security, communication and media, marketing, languages, control and measurement software, leadership, coaching, etc. During the next four years, ISQ will be managing the training plan of these professionals, performing the procurement of services available in various countries, organizing and implementing training actions. In addition, it will evaluate its impact on the F4E organization and individual development and performance. 2016 – Qualification and Certification Project of Trainers of the Intercollege Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus, based on the European qualification benchmarks EQF/NQF for 12 training areas, from welding, gas, electricity, telecommunications, energy, HVAC, timber, automobile, locksmith.In 2016, for a year, this project started with partners in Brussels, included skills Assessment and profiling, recognition and evaluation of acquired skills, training of trainers, including technical and pedagogical components and final certification. In this project, we use face-to-face and web environments, with living labs and evaluations and exams in digital and distance environments. We had an excellent evaluation of innovation, reported by the Cyprus client (Intercollege/EDEX) and the Swiss Client (Swiss Fund). "ISQ was our partner of excellence that allowed us to ensure that trainers have the necessary skills for the requirements of future courses, with rigorous training and assessments; we verified that what was "almost impossible", by time and lack of resources, after all can be achieved, with praise, when we turn to the right partner, of trust. ISQ was this partner," said Stelianos Marovrakis, Director of Intercollege, Cyprus. 2010 – Creation of the Cahora Bassa HCB Hydroelectric Welding School in Tete, Mozambique. ISQ carried out the school implementation project, aiming at the best use of spaces and resources, designed layouts, equipped the school, selected and trained trainers and created course plans, management procedures, training manuals and teaching resources. The objective was achieved and highly praised by the HCB Client and Mozambican Government: we were able to provide HCB with local human capital, capable of training other employees in the welding area, in accordance with international requirements, in order to ensure autonomy of resources and processes in remote areas of the country and in strategic activities in Mozambican development.


ISQ is a private, independent entity that delivers value through integrated and innovative engineering, inspection, testing, testing and training services solutions.

Present in 14 countries and with 7 offices in Portugal, ISQ supports its customers in reducing risk, improving operational performance and increasing competitiveness. multidisciplinary teams that help clients to align their business objectives with applicable regulations and standards and in meeting their goals in the areas of quality, safety, asset management and environmental and social responsibility.

Industry, Technology and Innovation are the premises that guide the work developed by ISQ, which already has more than 500 international Innovation projects and more than 17,000 professional training courses.

ISQ supports industry development and innovation on a global scale, with service solutions for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure and Agribusiness sectors.


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