Hannover Messe 2022

Hannover Messe 2022


Portugal is this year’s partner country at Hannover Messe, the world’s most important industry and technology fair. Under the Industrial transformation theme, ISQ will be present, among the 110 Portuguese companies, with innovative solutions for the Hydrogen and Space sector, and participate in forums and round tables.

ISQ started its activity in the hydrogen area in 2004, through its participation in the pioneer European project Naturalhy, which investigated the effects of the introduction of mixtures of hydrogen with natural gas in the European natural gas network. ISQ’s multidisciplinary teams have high competence and experience, being able to perform the necessary assessments for the conversion of processes/equipment to use hydrogen, from the production phase, to transportation and distribution.

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The possibility of transporting a mixture of hydrogen with natural gas through the natural gas network itself was put into practice, immediately assuming itself as a pioneering project in Portugal and Europe. This is a way of providing European consumers with a competitive fuel that, in the long term, will ensure that European countries are less dependent on oil and natural gas.

ISQ participated in the NaturalHY project , which investigated the effects of introducing mixtures of hydrogen with natural gas for transport in the European natural gas network. This program had a special focus on materials evaluation components, inspection methodologies, risk analysis in their use, life cycle assessment and the adequacy of existing installations to the introduction of mixtures of natural gas with hydrogen. Between 2004 and 2009, it had 39 entities, important energy operators (Gasunie, Gaz de France, Total) and several European technological partners.

We present in Hannover our inspection services using drones for confined spaces and photovoltaic panels, showing the algorithm we developed to identify and characterize the anomalies in photovoltaic panels. Basically, added value services performed by UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for use in both large structures and confined spaces. A service that can be used to perform aerial thermographic inspection in photovoltaic parks, in compliance with the IEC TS 62446-3_2017 standard, ensuring 100% inspection of photovoltaic modules.

The HTHA Solution – High Temperature Hydrogen Attack – was also a new feature. It aims to respond to hydrogen myocroattacks/microfisses in equipment operating at temperatures above 250ºC.

The attraction at the national pavilion (AICEP) is the Mars probe, an engineering solution that brings together Portuguese technology, innovation and cork, a project developed for the ESA for the Mars exploration program. It will be the first time in history that a probe will bring something from Mars and land on Earth.

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Atmospheric re-entry capsule for Mars exploration

ISQ has completed a project for the exploration of Mars. Codenamed cTPS, the result has already been validated by the ESA and aimed to develop a thermal protection system for a capsule that will bring regolith samples (pebbles) from Mars to be analyzed on Earth. A Portuguese engineering solution that takes cork, adds engineering and innovation to it and creates an innovative atmospheric re-entry capsule that promises to be a reference in new developments for space missions. We offer ESA a simpler, lighter solution, 25% below the maximum weight required, and with reduced production costs. The probe will launch after 2020.

Portugal is at the Hannover Messe 2022 with a strong exhibition presence in four pavilions. A Central Pavilion (national) with 1.300 m2 and three Thematic Pavilions with 200 m2 each. The Portuguese presence will be focused on the areas Engineered Parts & Solutions, Energy Solutions and Digital Ecosystems, representative of the national offer of excellence clusters, namely in the sectors of equipment and metalworking, mobility, automotive and aeronautic sectors, textiles and technical plastics, molds, production technologies and renewable energies, areas where Portugal and Germany have shown great affinity and a promising path to follow with an increasing number of projects in partnership aiming the launch of new products.

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